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Community Director

I have been in the multifamily industry for over 20 years. I enjoy spending my
free time with family, traveling, and swimming. I love creating a warm, inviting
 atmosphere at our community and being here for all of our community members’ needs.
I am very excited to get to know everyone, so please stop by and say hello!


Assistant Community

I love spending time with my family, helping anyone in need, setting goals,
and attaining more knowledge. I love assisting our community members and
my teammates. I know almost everyone within our community, so feel free to
stop by the leasing office anytime and say hello!


Leasing Manager

I enjoy spending time with my two children, and I love being able to
assist our community members with their needs. If you ever have any
questions, stop by or give us a call. I am always happy to help!


Leasing Professional

In my spare time I enjoy trying out new skin care routines or going for a swim.
What I love the most about my job, is helping you find the best apartment to
fit your individual needs. I love taking pictures of our new move-ins to hang
on my wall, so schedule your tour with me today and I can add you to our
community and my photo wall!


Leasing Professional


In addition to working at The Thread, I am also a Professional Makeup
Artist and working towards growing my own artistry. The Thread has helped
me understand the importance of helping people find their new home. I enjoy
working with my team members, because our common goal is to assist anyone
that walks in our leasing office. Please stop by today, so we can give you a
tour of The Thread community!


Service Supervisor


I have been in the multifamily industry for over 15 years. I enjoy spending
time with my family and camping at the lake. My passion is teaching,
training, and motivating my team. I am determined to provide you with
the best quality of service possible.


Service Technician

I love riding motorcycles in my free time. Here at The Thread, I love
working as a team with my co-workers, and I am happy to help you with
anything you might need.


Service Technician


I enjoy spending my downtime with family and hosting gatherings for them.
I love the warm atmosphere we have here at The Thread community. Be
sure to say hello whenever you see me!


Make-Ready Specialist


I have been at The Thread community for over 8 years and I love working
here. In my free time, I like to play soccer. I promise to use my experience
to make your home look brand new!


Make-Ready Specialist


In my free time, I love to spend time with my family. Here at
The Thread, I love how much we get along and help one
another, and I will do the same for you!


Make-Ready Specialist


I love spending time with my family and going swimming. At
The Thread, I am committed to making your home look and feel new.




I like taking my family to the park and trying out new restaurants.
At The Thread community, I love the relationships we have established
with our team and our community members. We like to make sure
everyone is treated fairly and with respect.




I enjoy going fishing any chance I get. I love working at The Thread,
because of the people I get to meet. I also enjoy working outside and
throughout our great community. Make sure to say hello the next time
you see me around our community!




I love listening to music, reading, and spending time with my daughter.
I love the respect and companionship I receive from my fellow team
members, and I am determined to keep our community looking its best!